Ideation / DFA

NY College Library

Project Details:

Challenge: How can students in America get an affordable education?

Client: OpenIDEO

Role: UX Consultant


User Research (Interviews) 
Information Architecture 
User Testing

Task Analysis
OpenIDEO submission

Tools Used:

Paper (Storyboarding, First Iterations)
Adobe Illustrator 
POP App (Prototyping on Paper)

Project Ideation


NY College Library is an online platform for finding local public colleges that offer high-quality and affordable education and establishing university connections. 

The idea is to create an online platform for students looking to apply to college in New York. The app will provide a substantive listing of New York public colleges and universities that focuses on affordability, reassurance, and community. The NY College Library will exist as a mobile site/app that provides all necessary information for each school (each with its own school page that includes: location by the distance from the applicant, acceptance rate, cost per credit, notable faculty, alumni and current student success stories, and etc).

User Research & Design

Card Sorting & Prototyping


Users were asked to Card sort positions for all of NY College Library’s functions.


Based on the results from Card Sorting, I created Paper Prototypes and tested it on POP application.


To establish a sense of confidence in the application process, and a sense of community, another key component will be the alumni/applicant networking feature for each school. Essentially, potential applicants will be able to create profiles and login to the system. Then, when they “favorite” potential schools, they will be able to see the other students who have favorited those schools, and direct message them to discuss the application process, why they chose this school, and so on.
Similarly, users will be able to direct message any alumni or current students who have profiles, as well. This creates a community for students, where they can post and read each other’s success stories, and establish alumni connections. This will help to enforce the fact that these schools really are feasible and achievable goals for these students, and provides the reassurance from peers they need to feel a part of that community.

openIDEO Challenge

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