MTV, Nick, TVLand, BET, Comedy Central ...

Viacom/ MTVz Media Networks

Project Details:

Challenge: What can be done to provide users the access to locked & exclusive content?

Client: MTV, Nick, TVLand, BET, Comedy Central (All TV apps)

Role: Product Intern


Competitive Analysis 
Market Research
Flow Design
User Testing


Tools Used:

PreZi (Flow Design)
Adobe Illustrator 
Sketch App


Goals & Responsibilities


I was part of the TV Everywhere (also known as authenticated streaming or authenticated video on-demand) team in Fall 2015. The idea was to provide ease of access to streaming video content from all Viacom channel to current subscribers to the channel, via an account provided by their participating pay television provider.


    • Provide access to locked content, LIVE TV & exclusive content with TV provider standards
    • Design flow for access & single sign on feature
    • Design flow & visuals for Android, iOS, Apple TV, ROKU devices wrt guidelines provided by the stakeholders & TV providers

Responsibilities/ Tasks worked on:

1) Performed Competitive analysis on all major TVE (on demand services) brands including NBC, HBO, Discovery Go, ABC networks, A&E networks etc. for all devices.
2) Created presentation for the Vice Presidents & Product Managers(PM) stating the best methods and setbacks observed during the market research.
3) I worked alongside the PMs of my team to create tasks and design flow for users to get access to locked content. Once, the flow was confirmed I created a Prezi presentation for the TV provider(optimum, Xfinity etc) officials showcasing the approved flow.
4) After receiving approval & logo guidelines from the TV provider personnel, I designed wireframes in Sketch for the three step authentication process. The TV provider grid list had pre set providers based on the analytics I performed using the internal dashboard to view Users vs Providers vs Subscription data.
5) I designed wireframes for TVLand, Nick, Nick Jr, BET and CMT for desktop, iOS and Android devices. (Rest of the apps were done by the other UX Designer).
6) After the designs & wireframes were submitted to the respective app teams & developers(2-week agile sprints), I tested all of them against the guidelines and the design proposal and reported inconsistencies.
7) (Not part of my responsibilities) I observed/sat-in and studied a focus group for Nick Jr. It focused on the ideation/design of new home screen for Nick Jr’s app. I did NOT create the personas or the setup for the group, but I studied the responses, questionnaires & the persona guide. Age group 5-9.

Market Research

Competitive Analysis

As a product intern, I did competitive research of most of the well-known media brands like HBO, NBC, ABC, DiscoveryGo.

As a team, we compiled the list of Viacom’s competitors, generated product summaries, analyzed their strengths & weaknesses & how the market outlook is.

Based on the analysis, DiscoveryGo (2015 version) was the most cohesive design to get access to all discovery channels. The theme would only apply to Discovery & its channel since the content provided by the company were of similar nature.

Prototyping & Flow Design


We designed the flow that was consistent amongst all apps (MTV, Nick, BET etc) and all devices (iOS, Android, TV etc).

Flow Design:

a) Click on Locked/Exclusive/Live/ Sign In Button

b) Present 3 steps authentication process:

1) Select a Provider

2) Login

3) Watch

c) Provide feedback loop for negative cases (improper credentials or absence of TV providers)

d) Enable locked content for viewing

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